What is the use of DirectDL?

DirectDL is a new way to download torrents securely and quickly. In this way, torrent files are downloaded to the disk space allocated to each user, and then users can download the files on their system or view them online. You do not need to install a torrent downloader to use this service, and it is done entirely through a web browser.


How does directdl.cc work?

  • Quite simply, you select the torrent you want to download, directdl downloads the torrent to your dedicated disk space, and at this time you can download the files on your system with a direct link or view them online.


Is my internet bandwidth used when converting the cake to a direct link?

  • No. Torrent downloads occur on directdl servers and your internet is not used. Your internet bandwidth is only used when you download files to your system.


Should my system stay on and not leave the site until the torrent is complete?

  • No. torrent will be downloaded automatically on directdl servers, and there is no need to turn on the system or stay on the site page. After the torrent is completed, an email will be sent informing you that the torrent is complete.


How many torrents per day can be directed?

  • There is no limit to the number of downloads, and you can download the same amount of torrents as the amount of free space on your disk space in direcdl and use the free disk space to download new torrents again by deleting old files.


By deleting previous files and freeing up space, can I Leech new files?

  • Yes. You can Leech the torrent as much as you have space, and by deleting the previous files from the panel and freeing up your account space, you can put the torrent back in directdl for download.


Can anyone access the files I download?

  • No, each user has their own disk space in directdl and does not have access to other users' downloaded files


Can I select multiple files from the torrent file collection to direct?

  • No, each torrent must be downloaded in its entirety in your panel, and once the files are direct, you can transfer the file you want to your system.


Do you have a limit on the size of your torrent file?

  • There is no limit to the size of torrent files. The only limitation is the free disk space allocated to you, which must have enough space to store torrents in your panel.


I still could not find the answers to my questions. what do I do?

  • You can send your question through the contact form. A response will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity.

Email: support@directdl.cc

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