Why download speeds get slow with torrent software?

 speed get slow with torrent software

Millions of people across the Internet use indirect torrent download software such as uTorrent, but there are always limitations that can slow down the download speed of this software. Here are some factors that may cause this slowdown.

  • It is a fact that some antiviruses do not have a good relationship with torrent download clients such as BitTorrent or BitTorrent, and it slows down the performance of these clients.
  • ISPs slow down speeds by creating IP-restricted lists, especially in some countries.
  • ISPs are not fully compatible with torrents.
  • Failure to properly configure the torrent download client in accordance with the ISP can slow down the download speed.
  • The number of leaches and seeders affects the download speed.
  • The above factors have caused Internet users around the world to refer to sites that are so-called direct torrents and enable the ability to download torrent files using direct download software such as Internet Download Manager or FlashGet.

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