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when DirectDL was developing, many similar sites used elementary user control panels. Most of these panels are very simple and do not have a friendly interface. Due to their non-standard coding, their panel was very slow loading Also. It is not without grace to say this the DirectDL control panel was designed and coded after reviewing the problem of the sample sites, which continued for up to six months. Since the site was founded, we have put it under specialized tests several times, and we can say that you are in the most standard, fastest, and most up-to-date user control panel now.

The site's control panel consists of five sections: dashboard, file manager, request history, account upgrades, and account settings, and all the primary operations are carried out in these sections. Below you will learn how to operate and use the site control panel.


The central part of the site is its dashboard. In this section, you will access things like convert torrent link, convert torrent magnet, Five of the convert Requests, and finally, five downloaded files.

dashboard preview

To add the torrent, you must select one of the "link" or "magnet" sections according to your data. After this step, your file will be ready to transfer to the server and according to the amount of file seeds, your data will be downloadable from the server.

Before transferring the file, useful information such as file name, file size, etc. will be shown to you and you can transfer or cancel the file according to your plan specifications.

torrent information box

In this section, you can also see the last five requests and five transferred files.

Other features that the dashboard offers you include: viewing the plan details, viewing the volume of a filled and residual disk, viewing daily usage, and ...

File management

In this section, you can view and download all your direct files. If you have too many files, using the file search section will definitely be helpful, and you can find them by searching for the name.

File management

The ability to stream audio and video files is also included in this part. For use, you can enter in your video folder and click on audio-video files to play them! The plugin used in playing audio-video files is Plyr and is very optimized.

Other features of this section include: deletion of file and folder, create zip file before download, remote upload capability to Google Drive and ...

Request history

In the history section, you can view the transfer files. Options such as transmission progress, transmission speed, residual transmission time, SEED rate, leech rate, etc., are visible at this price. After Transferring, each file will be deleted from this section and transferred to the file manager section.

free download manager

you can cancel transferring process in this part; or pause the downloads manually

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